Best in Spain

Been to a few similar enduro holiday outfits in Spain and for the riding (Bikes and the selection of trails), this is the BEST!!!! Barry focuses on the riding for sure, but he has a good setup so you can relax and recover in the evening, in the bar, pool or hot tub. First time on a Beta (300 T2) and I was really pleased how they performed. Barry changes his fleet regularly and adds the appropriate protection such that they (and you) can survive everything that Barry (and Lee) and the trails can throw at you. The amount of trails available in the area is staggering, we only rode the same track once (and that was in the other direction) and very little roadwork, in fact almost none, only when you need fuel, a coffee or lunch do you hit the roads. Barry is an expert rider with over 40 years experience and is not afraid to test you to your limits, if you want hard riding, you’ll get it! If you’re thinking about it, stop thinking and just book it.