Tried the rest? Now try the best !!!

I’ve ridden enduro since the 1990’s, competed in Scottish, British Championships and was the support rider to Richard Hay during the 2007 World Championships.

Ive ridden all over (GB, Slovakia, Romania, Italy, Tunisia, France etc.) but have never enjoyed riding off road, as much as I do at Barry’s.

Its unique, a quality set up (accommodation, pool, bar, meals, hospitality etc.), new Beta enduro bikes (maintained to the highest standard), very competent tour guides / lead riders, (nothing is off limits riding wise if you are good / game enough for it).
A real mix of flat out dry river bed sections (100kph+), hill climbs (I mean long steep hill climbs), serious rock sections / gullies, dense forests and muddy rivers. If your lucky you might even ride through a few flood tunnel pipes (but mind your head there.)

Its on a completely different level to anything else out there, just make sure your bike fit enough before you go, as its 8 hours riding each day (and not a lot of this sitting down.)

Its the most fun I’ve ever had (with my clothes on !!!) Back again in Nov 🙂